Susanne Piët, Emocode

If everything is makeable and life is all you got, why wouldn’t you define it in the most favourable way? Not happy with your past, not satisfied with your present, make a sure shot for the future. Be someone! Appreciated, admired, and most of all happy with yourself. It might requite a make over though, because check in the mirror: are you really there?

Would you be a lizzard you could start all over by loosing your tail. Would you be a believer you could go to church, confess and start with a clean soul, you could be baptised and start with a new name and a new life. You can jobhop, emigrate, get a nosejob, divorce and remarry, or change sex, but do you really accomplish the feeling?

Since you are a consumer participating in the Emotion Market you have to create the emotional experience of the new Person: for yourself and for your worlds.

You can do it. You can become the designer of your new identity-experience, you can reinvent your life! Sample your package of values and go for it!

But you will be the more convincing if you know the emocode, the key to express your identity, with the emotional effect you aim for.You have to know the lingo to do so, the mystery of the first impressions, accentuate the crucial points that matter for ultimate effect, know the talk of the brands, and furhtermore find your true self. You claim your identity by everything you do, say, wear, choose, consume, express or surround you with. You decide and choose by courage of prudence, by adaptation or showing off, for camouflage or glitter. And you ensure your identity by joining or rejecting groups and clusters.

Susanne Piët has been called marketing Goeroe (De financiele Morgen, Belgie, Talkies and NRC Handelsblad the Netherlands). She is a well known psychologist, author of the award winning book The Emotion Market and performer on international stage. She discloses in The Emocode the secret of the emotional value-index of identity-expression and will not shy away to illustrate her point with icons from the Pope to Paris Hilton, quoting from Sartre to Emerson, from Nick Flynn to Lewis Carroll, with lifestyle examples from Slowfood to Sheik Sapeurs, with lessons from Alfred Hitchcock to Hussein Chalayan.

"In today's Experience Economy, issues of identity become paramount -- for businesses as well as individuals. It is a highly unsettled field, so let Susanne Piët be your guide, for in The Emocode she explores the intersection of identity, branding, authenticity, and experience. Follow her through to the end, and you will come out the other side knowing much more about each subject, and perhaps a little bit more about your self."
-- B. Joseph Pine II, co-author, The Experience Economy and Authenticity